DCF Commissioner Katz speaking Sept. 12 in Hartford

You are cordially invited to the 14th annual Parents with Cognitive Limitations Workgroup meeting on

Poverty and Cognitive Limitations:  Research, Policy and Practice

Monday, Sept. 12 from 8:30 – 12 noon at The Lyceum, 227 Lawrence Street, Hartford CT.

Please RSVP by September 7, 2016 to Mary.Alfano@ct.gov with your name, organization, email and phone number

Featured speakers include:

Commissioner Joette Katz, Department of Children and Families

Joanne Goldblum, MSW, Founder & Executive Director, National Diaper Bank Network

Jessica Bartholow, Esq., Legislative Advocate, Western Center on Law & Poverty

Megan V. Smith, PhD, MPH,  Yale Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities
Department of Children and Families
The Connection, Inc.


NEAT Marketplace Birth to Three Inventory


The NEAT Marketplace inventory for Birth to Three has been recently updated.  If you are considering Assistive Technology for a child, make sure to have a consult with a team member from the discipline related to the child’s need, to assess what type of AT might benefit the child.  Also, please ensure all borrowed equipment is returned to NEAT so it can go back into inventory!  We are a bit low on adaptive seating at the moment.  Please check around!!

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) resources from U.S.HHS

Opioid abuse is increasing nationally with a correlated increase in prenatal opioid exposures and more infants born with the resulting developmental impact. Families of infants diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) are automatically eligible for CT early intervention if referred within the first three months of life. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides resources that you may find helpful as you work with families affected by Opioid Use Disorder (OUD):


One such resource is a video posted by the Texas Dept. of State Health Services that offers several approaches you may want to share with parents of infants with NAS or who are easily overstimulated and hard to soothe. Stronger Together: NAS Soothing Techniques for Mommies and Babies (6 minutes, 26 seconds)  Learn from medical providers and a parent about techniques that can work for your families.

Update on Re-Referrals

Families’  involvement with Birth to Three may start and stop, then restart for a variety of reasons.  When the child is Exited from SPIDER, then the family contacts you or their service coordinator to reconnect,  a set of factors are considered before either the Exit is removed or a new record is created.

As of August 1st, CDI administrators Kareena DuPlessis and  Shirley Caro are  processing all of these requests.  They follow the same decision rules that were in effect previously; no changes in protocol.  This streamlined process reduces the number of steps and amount of time needed before a family reconnects with Birth to Three supports.

Please email kareena.duplessis@ctunitedway.org

and copy Shirley.CDI@ctunitedway.org with all of your re-referral needs.

New System of Payments Policy for Families online

The new System of Payments for Families Policy brochure is now available online.  Thanks to the generous support of our Governor and General Assembly, most costs of providing services and supports to families is paid by state funds.  Here is the breakout:

70% State of CT

12% Medicaid reimbursements

9% federal funds

7% private insurance reimbursements

2% parent payments

Families that make $45,000 or more  pay a monthly fee based on a sliding scale. These family payments help the state to continue to provide supports and services to all families of eligible children.

Support for the new IFSP

The IFSP has been translated and posted in three additional languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.  We have also modified the IFSP Handbook which will be posted on the website.  In addition, we are posting an online module on completing the new IFSP.  The link for the module will be posted on our website under Learning Modules .  A short, fun video on Writing Functional Outcomes will also be found there and  here (click on lower right area of video to watch it full screen).

Back by Popular Demand!

Two additional trainings on “Going Deeper Into Natural Learning Environment Practices” have been added to the Birth to Three Calendar.  Dates are September 14th in Trumbull and November 16th in Hartford.  This is a critical training for all interventionists in the Birth to Three system.   Focus will be on developing increased competence in using a family’s everyday activities, and all the learning opportunities present within those activities, to help families promote their child’s development.  Sign up soon as trainings fill up fast!

Mind the Baby training at Yale Child Study Center

The annual Minding the Baby® (MTB) training institute is right around the corner, to be held July 19-21, 2016 at the Yale Child Study Center, and there is still time to register! 

For more information, please see below and visit:  http://www.mtb.yale.edu/training 

To register, please visit: http://mtb.yale.edu/training/registrationform.aspx 

MTB is an evidence-based home visiting model run in collaboration with the Yale School of Nursing, Yale Child Study Center, and Fair Haven Community Health Clinic. Developed in a home visitation setting, MTB is an interdisciplinary, primary intervention model that can also be adapted for use in non-home settings. 

The annual 3-day MTB training institute is focused on the clinical strategies developed and applied within the program. The training provides techniques and approaches to help both health and mental health professionals to work reflectively, and includes an introduction to the basic constructs, interdisciplinary practice model, and techniques of reflective parenting approaches for work with young families and children.