Don’t Leave Babies in Cars!

Every Summer, children die because they were left in the car…

  • “…for just a few minutes.”
  • “I didn’t want to wake him.”
  • “She had a sippy cup of juice with her…”
  • “I left his sister in charge.”

Please share these information sheets and tips with your families to help prevent these tragedies.

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NEVER leave a baby in the car without a responsible adult, any season of the year.

Coaching Institute for Early Childhood – July 19 & 20

Are you interested in learning about coaching models and improving your practice? This two-day institute will support levels of beginner, intermediate and experienced coaches in the early intervention field. Outcomes: Examine different coaching models that support early childhood providers and parents; Learn more about the core principles of coaching as outlined by Rush & Shelden; Explore differences in coaching process when context/setting is considered; Reflect on your coaching disposition; Understand the different roles related to coaching vs. supervision vs. consultation. This training is sponsored by All Our Kin, CT. Birth to Three, CT. Head Start, Office of Early Childhood, EASTCONN, Hartford Foundation, RESC Alliance, UCONN Disabilities Center.  For providers in Birth to Three that have already received training and TA from Rush & Shelden this may be repetitive.  For more information contact or the Birth to Three Calendar.

Workshop: Promoting Social Competence

 Promoting Social Competence: Using quality practices to plan and prevent challenging behaviors in young children.          UConn Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) is offering a summer workshop for Early Childhood professionals on the knowledge and skills needed to implement effective early childhood practices to address challenging behaviors. Areas of focus will include:  Precipitators of Behavior Challenges, Multi-Tiered Levels of Student Support, Curriculum and Adaptations, Family Partnerships, Relationships.   More Information!



BDI 2 has new norms!

The BDI-2 NU has been released with new norms that reflect changes in race, region and socioeconomic status.  The changes in norms on the BDI-2 NU relative to the BDI-2 require slightly higher raw scores in several domains in order to achieve the same scaled score.  The effect in the 0-3 age group is not as significant as with the 3.5-5 year old group but is notable in the personal-social, adaptive and communication areas, making it more likely for children to meet eligibility criteria.

The current BDI-2 kit remains valid however programs should purchase the new examiner manual which has updated scoring.  If your program is using online scoring the new scoring norms are available at no additional cost.

DADDY MATTERS (a 4-Part Web Series)


ZERO TO THREE has teamed up with YouTube star La Guardia Cross to create “Daddy Matters,” a 4-part web series that launches today with new episodes every Friday through the month of June. We’ll kick things off with a Facebook Live tonight at 7pm Eastern. Please join us!

Daddy Matters explores why dads matter and what matters to dads. La Guardia is the creator of New Father Chronicles which captures life with his adorable young daughters. His candid and always comedic take on life as a dad has drawn millions of engaged viewers and sparks lively conversations on his social media channels. La Guardia was named to Ebony’s Power 100 list and is a leading national voice for dads.

Daddy Matters episodes are supremely entertaining and at the same time serve as great discussion-starters about important ways dads support their children’s early development. Check out episode 1 that addresses the adjustment to fatherhood and learning from the inevitable mistakes all parents make.